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Uruguay 2009
Colonia del Sacramento, Cabo Polonio a písky pobřeží
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Plaza Independencia in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. Right - Palacio Salvo, 100m high included antenas (95m without), was for decades the tallest building in South America. Antenas were permanently removed in November 2012.
Barra de Valizas is a resort in southeastern Uruguay. Stinky swamp and tons of mosquitos.
Cabo Polonio. Smattering cottages on the sand dunes, without electricity, running water or sewerage. But football pitch (left, down) is maintain at high level.
Lots of lovely accomodation is available in Cabo Polonio.
Lighthouse. The only building (at the time of writing) gets power from national grid in Cabo Polonio.
Five stars hotel. Almost. Well... you can see at least five stars through holes in a roof.
There is a rich wildlife near and on the eastern coast of Uruguay. Sea lions, for example.
Civilization (the only one) between Cabo Polonio and Barra de Valizas
Sand dunes east of Cabo Polonio, south Uruguay.
Sand and ocean, Cerro Buena Vista
Cerro Buena Vista
Cerro Buena Vista, where a stone was placed in 1752. A notch on the stone was a border between spanish and portuguese kingdoms from 1750 to 1777.
Coast between Cabo Polonie and Barra de Valizas.
Cerro Buena Vista, granite peak east of Cabo Polonio.
Cerro Buena Vista
Cabo Polonio. Dirty hole. Or a paradise. Does it matter?
"What a shity life!" - expression of Cabo´s hippie community.
Colonia del Sacramento is a city in southwestern Uruguay, by the Río de la Plata, facing Buenos Aires, Argentina.
It is renowned for its historic quarter, a World Heritage Site.
Portón de Campo, the City Gate.
Draw bridge and Portón de Campo.
Old city of Colonia del Sacramento.
Night at the old city.
Coblestone square, old city.
Classic cars and "barbecue" restaurant.
Classic cars on the cobbles.
Streets of historical centrum of Colonia del Sacramento.
Old lighthouse.
Lighthouse, possible to climb up.